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Newest story -Shimming (Metal) Lathe Cutter Height

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Building a Battery Cart
It is over built because I am 60-something and getting smarter

Building a Cart for my Lincoln AC - 225 Stick Welder
The hand truck just isn't working anymore!

Building a Cart for the Hobart Stickmate Welder
A simple but tough stick welding center

Building a Chop Saw Cart
Simple but it works!

Building My Welding Cart
On the job "practice welding"



Clean Your Welding Helmet Lenses!
ALL of them! Inside and out!

Ring Test Grinding Wheels
Simple, quick and could save an explosion

Welding Safety Equipment 1
Keeping hots stuff off of your hot stuff!


Shop Work

Shortening A Bolt
Make what you always need when the store isn't open!

Coping Steel Corners
Flat 90-degree corners without the miters!

Beveling a Weld Joint
Taking your welding machines power deeper

Using a Grinder
What you don't know - or don't care about - can hurt you!

Using Taps & Dies
Or how to avoid getting yourself in a hole



Shimming (Metal) Lathe Cutter Height
A Metalworking Lathe Basic



Making Your MIG Sizzle!
There is logic to that buzzing sound....

Learning to Weld
Week 1

Learning to Weld 2
Push-Me, Pull-You, The Awakening

Learning to Weld 3
A slow but sudden awakening

Learning to Weld 4
Practice, practice and realism

Learn to Weld 5
Going straight with the stick

Learn to Weld 6
I can see (more) clearly now!



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